By Rob Johnson

(CBS) — So how will this latest act of terror it change the way of life in Brussels, the way Belgians go about their daily lives?

CBS 2’s Rob Johnson lived in Brussels for five years until the time he was 18. Today, he spoke to two friends from high school, who have lived there for decades, to see how they are doing in the aftermath.

As the magnitude of the carnage became evident, Johnson asked long-time friend Michiko Lloyd, who lives just miles from both the airport and the metro stop, about chaos and death replacing peace and serenity.

“You just kind of feel weird, almost more sad than anything else,” Lloyd said.

Darcy Christiansen and her family live very close to the airport. She even used to work there.

“It was next to American Airlines and Brussels Airlines so I know a lot of my colleagues were also probably sitting there checking people in,” she said.

Christiansen says that she is, “Quite upset that our wonderful, beautiful life in Belgium is having to change due to some people who obviously have very strange beliefs.”

Asked if the attacks will affect her comings and goings, Lloyd said, “You’re aware right? It’s not like my first choice to go into different parts of Brussels but you can’t let it stop you either.”

Both Michiko and Darcy said that they would avoid certain areas of town with questionable safety, but when it comes to airports and rail stations, soft targets, you can’t always avoid those.