By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’re feeling anxious, depressed or fearful about your future after reports of attacks, you’re not alone.

Dorothy Tucker takes a look at the psychological impact of the Brussels blast and security changes some are willing to accept in order to feel safer on American soil.

At a bakery in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, the TV is locked on the latest in Brussels because that’s all any one is talking about.

“Something like that happening to people just going about their day and then us reflecting on ourselves going about our day I think it makes us feel vulnerable ourselves,” said Dr. Mitchell Glaser, a psychiatrist at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center.

But are we willing to change our lives to feel safer? Patrick Flynn would like to see more security at America’s airports.

“When you’re going into the airport that’s very important to…stop people coming in,” Flynn said.

Others want more security at popular outdoor venues, perhaps checking cars before parking in garages. But Richard and Joyce Prince are willing to live with what we have.

“I’d hate to change my whole life for something like this,” Joyce said.

“They’re winning, they’re changing how we live and in a way that’s winning,” Richard said.

While it’s normal to feel anxiety after a terrorist attack, Dr. Glaser says it’s important to put it in perspective. He point out, it’s very unlikely to happen to you or your loved one.

His suggestion: keep doing things that make your life enjoyable and rich.

Dorothy Tucker