Alex Whittler, CBS 2 Intern

CHICAGO (CBS) — Aminah Hart and Scott Andersen never anticipated love or marriage. In fact, the two had never even seen each other until a year after their daughter, Leila, was born.

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“I was 42 years old and understood that I wasn’t the hottest prospect for a new relationship or a new man to have a baby with,” Hart, of Melbourne Australia, told the CBS2 team via social media. So she started her quest for a sperm donor.

She never imagined said donor would end up being the love of her life.

Hart gave birth to healthy baby, Leila, on August 14, 2012. Soon after, she grew concerned about raising a child without a father figure.

It was Hart’s mother who initiated the search for the mysterious sperm donor.

“Mum was intrigued by Leila’s blonde haired, blue-eyed features, in contrast to my dark skin/hair/eyes from my West Indian father,” she states.

Hart’s mother, Helen, was easily able to get in touch with Andersen. He had stated in his sperm donor application that he was open to contact with the child.

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Hart and Andersen exchanged messages via email for about six months before meeting in person.

“The first time I met Scott I was nervous as hell! But he was warm, easy going just as he’d said in his donor profile and we got on well straight away.”

Hart says Leila’s birth and meeting Andersen were like sunshine after rain. Prior to Leila, Hart had lost two sons to a genetic disorder called x-linked myotubular myopathy. It is a rare genetic disorder that hinders muscle movement and occurs almost exclusively in males.

Andersen popped the question on what was normally a reflective day for Hart—it would have been her second son’s sixth birthday.

Hart and Andersen wed last December on a clifftop in Sorrento, Victoria.

Hart says Baby Leila doesn’t remember life before Andersen. “She was only one when she met Scott and was quickly accepted into the family by her brothers, sister and extended family.” Andersen had children prior to Leila.

Hart’s book, How I Met your Father, explains the entirely unexpected adventure in detail.

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Hart says she wrote the book to instill the same resilience in Leila that her mother taught her. “If you’re able to find the positive even in great loss and suffering you can find deep joy in life again,” she says.