CHICAGO (CBS) — Some Illinois Democrats who defeated opponents backed by Gov. Bruce Rauner in the primary election said the governor has created “Armageddon” for home healthcare and childcare agencies owed tens of millions of dollars by the state.

“Hubert Humphrey said it best. The moral test of government is how we treat our children and our seniors,” said state Rep. Chris Welch (D-Hillside).

Backed by representatives of various social service agencies, a group of Democratic lawmakers and one candidate who defeated a Democrat backed by the governor blamed Rauner for the ongoing budget impasse. They said a lack of vital state funding has forced many social service providers to lay off employees, or shut down altogether.

“Armageddon is here. This is not just the canary in the coal mine,” said Terri Harkin, vice president of SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana.

Harkin said social service groups are being used to bankroll a crisis the governor created.

“Home healthcare providers in Illinois face an interest-bearing backlog of $235.2 million in unpaid bills. What this means is that Governor Rauner is using agencies like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and others to serve as lending institutions for his political gamesmanship,” she said.

Rep. Sonya Harper (D-Chicago) called the nine-month budget standoff a “hostage situation.”

“The elections were basically a referendum on Governor Rauner’s disastrous policies,” she said.

Juliana Stratton, who defeated Rauner-backed state Rep. Ken Dunkin in the highest profile legislative race in the state, said the governor appears to be pushing ahead with an agenda not supported by a majority of Illinois voters.

“The voters spoke loudly, but it looks very much like their voices fell on deaf ears when it comes to Bruce Rauner,”

One agency owed $50 million by the state said it is considering legal action after the state denied its request to cap its caseload.

The governor’s office released a statement saying, “No one is more frustrated than Governor Rauner by failure of the majority party – which includes Rep. Welch and Rep. Harper – to pass a balanced budget. By working together, we can achieve bipartisan compromise like we did when restoring child care funding and protecting senior care. We urge lawmakers to help enact structural reforms and a balanced budget to ensure care continues to our most vulnerable while getting Illinois on sound financial footing.”