By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) — Twenty six years to the day after Richard and Nancy Langert were murdered in their North Shore home, the man that helped give their killer a chance at freedom will be in town.

He’s speaking at convicted killer David Biro’s former high school, angering the victims’ family.

CBS 2’s Dane Kozlov has more on why.

Nancy Langert’s sister, Jennifer, respects attorney Bryan Stevenson. She’s even worked with him. But on this matter, she says he lacks sensitivity, not just to her family, but other victim’s families too.

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins feels it’s a “horrible coincidence” that nationally renowned attorney Bryan Stevenson is scheduled to appear at New Trier West on Thursday, April 7.

That’s the day, twenty six years ago, then-New Trier student David Biro murdered her pregnant sister Nancy Langert and husband Richard in cold blood.

It’s not just the date that bothers her but the fact that Stevenson helped convince the U.S. Supreme Court to ban mandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles, opening the door for Biro to be re-sentenced.

“I think I would love for Bryan to change his presentation just a little bit to be a little bit more sensitive to victim’s families,” Bishop-Jenkins says.

She plans to attend his speech wearing a T-shirt. with pictures of Nancy and Richard. She commends much of Stevenson’s work but says he’s done it without considering victim’s families.

“We’re trying to make sure that the victims’ families whose lives are being ripped open by this work of his at least can prepare themselves,” Bishop-Jenkins says.

Biro is now eligible for re-sentencing for the Langerts’ murders, but another judge ruled he can’t be re-sentenced for their unborn baby’s death, which is being appealed.

Biro’s attorney Thomas Bandstradter says it was a horrendous crime, but Biro deserves to be re-sentenced and believes all life sentence cases deserve another look.

Jennifer’s sister, Jeanne has a very different and very public view on whether David Biro should be given a second chance.

Kozlov reached out to both Bryan Stevenson and Family Action Now, the event’s sponsor, for comment, neither was available