(CBS) — Two proposals to save a 116-year-old Hoffman Estates farmhouse will be considered by a village board committee Monday night, reports WBBM’s Terry Keshner.

The Bergman family farmhouse was still in use a year ago but Pete Gugliotta, Hoffman Estates’ director of planning, zoning and code enforcement, says the Bergman family no longer owns it.

“They all shared support that someone may acquire the house and renovate it,” Gugliotta says. “None of them really had the interest in keeping that for the future and taking on that kind of project.”

The old farmhouse needs hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. The village hoped a nonprofit would step up, but none has.

Gugliotta says the village does not have the money to save the farmhouse.

“We’ve not budgeted for something like this,” he says. “We actually have another historic house in town that we use for community space.”

The developer which now owns the home will either sell it for use as a private residence or it could be demolished.