You likely have heard that running is a great exercise that can help you burn calories and stay in shape. But why else should you stick with running? Here’s a fun look at these benefits to motivate you to run.

You Can Get Up And Run

As far as picking up a new sport is concerned, Fitness Magazine points out that running is fairly easy to learn. Why else should people take up running? Those who are new to the sport can start right away without having to sign up for a special class. For more experienced runners, training methods can help add some challenges with the benefit of helping you better prepare for a race. If you need a little help with technique or just want to run with a group, then consider joining a running club in the Chicago area. To find one near you, take a look at Chicago Area Runners Association’s website.

Running Is The Go-Anywhere-Exercise

You don’t need fancy workout equipment or even other people when you run. The sport requires nothing more than comfortable running shoes and apparel, so you can truly take your workout with you anywhere you go. The flexibility that’s inherent to running means you don’t have to put your workout schedule on pause just because you’re traveling out of town or if your schedule changes. Pack your running gear with the rest of your luggage, and you won’t miss a beat with your workout.

You Will Probably Feel Great

It may sound counter-intuitive, but running a few miles may help you feel better. How is that possible? As explained by this article in Runner’s World, runners can achieve those good feelings while working up a sweat. The article also points out that running may help lift your mood. That’s a nice reason to put on your shoes and hit the trails, right?

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Take A Look At The Latest Gear

Gone are the days of wearing unflattering shorts and old T-shirts while running. While you certainly don’t have to spend serious money on new workout clothes and gear, if you want to, you can. From underwear to outerwear, you can stay comfortable, wick away sweat, and even look great, too. On the tech front, you can splash out on gear that can monitor your heart rate, the mileage you’ve covered, and even crank up the tunes along the way. Don’t forget shoes, too. Regardless of how much you run and where you run, there’s a shoe that fits your needs. The Chicago area boasts a number of specialty running stores who can help you find just the right gear you need.

Learn More About Your Neighborhood

When you travel by car or public transportation to work and to run errands, you only see a small portion of your neighborhood and the city you call home. But when you lace up a pair of running shoes, you can take the time to get away from the beaten path and explore what’s happening in your area. Discover a new post-run restaurant in your neighborhood, or find a new park to include on future routes when you decide to take a detour. If you’d like a little bit of help in discovering a new-to-you route in your neighborhood or near your work, then search by zipcode with the website Walk Jog Run.

You Get To Humblebrag And Cheer On Others

Did you slog through six miles in the rain, or run more than 10 miles along Lake Michigan before the sun was even up? Then make sure you share the news with just about everyone you meet. Running can give you an excuse to humblebrag about your accomplishments in a big way, so tweet your latest mileage and share post-run selfies on Instagram so everyone can see — and hopefully cheer you on, too. Just remember to do the same to people in your network who are racking up the miles through running.

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