CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago artist is painting a mural in tribute to Prince.

It was Rahmaan Statik’s parents who listened to Prince when Rahmaan was growing up.

As an artist, he feels the need to spend his own time and money to paint a mural of Prince on a building at 80th and Stony Island. One of his favorite colors to use in any piece is purple.

“I have entire bodies of work that’s based in purple, so ironically I actually had a surplus of purple paint to work with,” Statik said.

He is a fan of Prince’s music and he listens to music while he’s painting the mural, but not Prince’s.

“As I’m driving up to the wall I’m listening to Prince,” he said. “As I’m driving away I’m listening to Prince also – to keep the theme of him in my head. As I’m working I’m actually listening to a lot of house music.”

Rahmaan Statik is planning to finish the mural on Saturday.