(CBS) — After Darryl Pinkins spent more than 24-years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he walked out of jail a free man Monday.

So what’s the first 24-hours of freedom been like for him? CBS 2’s Mai Martinez finds out in this Original Report.

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Today is Tuesday, but for Darryl Pinkins and his family it’s the best Tuesday in almost 25 years.

“I asked my aunties to pinch me yesterday, you know, it’s been like a little fantasy world,” said Darryl’s son, Dameon Pinkins.

His father feels like it’s been a dream too.

“Like somebody going to come and say ‘Pinkins! Lock up!’” he said.

Pinkins says the best part of the past 24 hours has been, “Knowing that I don’t have to go into a locked environment and hear a cell door slam.”

He says it was great to get to sleep at home and his first thought when he woke up this morning was, “That I’m with my family.”

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For Pinkins, everything is a blessing and nothing is taken for granted.

“Standing outside looking at the moon, feeling the night breeze and you know getting back to where it was before this all occurred,” he said.

He says it’s “invigorating” to be able to go outside, but admits reconnecting with a world 25 years is a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to technology and social media.

“My nephew Kelvin, he got me a webpage or website, Facebook,” he said.

He has also now taken his first selfie.

Pinkins wants to travel, but right now his top priority is reconnecting with his family. They’re all looking forward to finally celebrating holidays and birthdays together.