CHICAGO (CBS) — A new Chicago walking tour hits the streets on Sunday.

It’s the Chicago Corruption Walking Tour. The short tour is called the “Chicago Way” package.

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“And then the longer – the full tour, if you want to keep going is 25 dollars total,” said journalist Paul Dailing, the tour guide. “It’s called the ‘Bleepin’ Golden’ package.”

One of his subjects: Big Bill Thompson, who was a three-term mayor about 100 years ago.

“He was hilarious,” Dailing said. “Like everything he did.”

For instance…

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“He went to Riverview Park – the old theme park up there – and made a huge press conference, huge announcement, that he was leading an expedition down to South America in a boat called The Big Bill to capture footage of a fish that could climb a tree.

“And then he just went and hung out in New Orleans for a while. Kept sending cables back up about why the expedition got delayed.

“I thought, that’s it. Done, close the books. We have the greatest fact ever.”

The Chicago Corruption Walking Tours begin Sunday.

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“I fully expect to have all sorts of license and permit inspectors just show up at my house and tell me the wiring is bad, on that day,” Dailing said.