CHICAGO (CBS) — Millions of Americans are getting ready to show mom some flower-power this weekend for Mother’s Day.

For many florists it’s their busiest day of the year. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole has more on how florists are preparing for the last-minute rush.

Look around Kennicott Brothers Flowers and you’ll meet some real petal pushers.

“Today is a little bit of chaos,” said Brandy West.

With Mother’s Day approaching, their warehouse is blooming with activity.

“Mother’s day is our biggest day of the year, this is our busiest week and this is probably one of the busiest days of that week,” said Harrison Kennicott.

The massive space on the West Side, is home to the largest floral cooler in the Midwest,

“I walk ten miles a day around here,” West said.

The flower brokers rooted here help your corner florist stock up for Mother’s Day deliveries. The job has kind of grown on Brandy West.

“The industry that we’re in, we work with a bunch of artistic people so it’s not corporate America,” she said. “You get to pick flowers.”

“Flowers are a wonderful calming event for the consumer but it can be pretty stressful for all of us that are working to get them to the consumer,” said Harrison Kennicott.

At this time of year the stock comes from greenhouses in South America. In a temperature controlled chain, it is flown to Miami and then trucked to Chicago.

Kennicott will sell some 800,000 stems before Mother’s Day.

“It’s easier to stay motivated when you know you are making a lot of people happy,” said West.

We know who they are, the moms who raised us, sent us off to college, cried at our weddings, and don’t expect us to go out of our way on Mother’s Day, though we happily will.

“You can’t exactly work in a flower shop and not send mom flowers,” West said. “That can get you in some trouble.”

Vince Gerasole