(CBS) — In campaign 2016, the seemingly inevitable nomination of Donald Trump as the GOP’s presidential nominee has more than a few Illinois Republican leaders refusing to support or to help him in any way.

Others are still undecided, CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports.

Gov. Bruce Rauner, a Republican, will not attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. But sources in the administration rebutted the notion that Rauner won’t support Trump.

Insider say while Rauner has said he will “support the nominee,” it is  lukewarm, and at arm’s length. Much like U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, also an Illinois Republican, he says he would “certainly back” the nominee if it comes to that.

GOP Congressman Bob Dold isn’t mincing words.

“Trump disparaged the service of our nation’s POWs and disparaged women, Latinos and Muslims,” Dold said. “I will not support his candidacy.”

Neither will the former chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, Pat Brady.

“I think he’s an actor in a reality-TV show and this Republican will never vote for Donald Trump,” Brady says.

Downstate Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger says he worries about trump’s negative, violent rhetoric. But he says he’s undecided.

Put state Sen. Bill Brady, R-Bloomington, in the decided column.

“If Trump is the nominee, I’ll support him,” Brady says, adding Democrat Hillary Clinton would be a “disaster.”

Some  congressional Republican are worried that if Trump’s high negative ratings don’t improve during the fall campaign they could end up being so linked to Trump and they could lose GOP control of the House.