CHICAGO (CBS) — A retired DuPage County judge has pledged $2 million toward a fundraising campaign for the cash-strapped DuPage County Convalescent Center.

Retired judge and former county board member Kenneth Moy stood before the DuPage County Board and the public Tuesday, talking about care and empathy. He spoke about his wife of nearly 50 years, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

“I visit her every day in the private convalescent center that she lives in. She’s lived there for almost 8 years now since I retired, and she can’t communicate,” he said.

In pledging $2 million to the DuPage County Convalescent Foundation, Moy asked everyone in DuPage – especially judges and lawyers – to help and match his funds.

Moy said he hopes his gift will serve as the start of a capital campaign for the center, which has about 300 patients.