By Brad Edwards

(CBS) – He’s a young man who volunteers helping others. Now, he’s another Chicago crime victim.

Just on the outskirts of Washington Park, Brendan Clark said he was just walking home when he heard some voices behind him.

“I was just walking on the phone. I heard two people walk up behind me [say], ‘Gimme that, we’re gonna take that, you don’t need that,’” he recalls.

The suspects didn’t go after his wallet, instead they attacked him for his $700-plus iPhone 6S.

“One just straight up knocked me cold hard. I got clocked so hard that I crashed into these gates right here,” he says, showing CBS2 where the attack happened. “Next thing I know I just felt like 10 punches, just like rapid.”

The 20-year-old college student was robbed years ago, so he is always mindful of surroundings, even speaking with a friend at the time it happened for extra safety.

He bled from an ear that’s still healing. He has a scrape under the eye and puncture wound on his head, and potentially a concussion.

The Red Cross volunteer says despite witnesses and traffic, no one stopped to help him.

“Cars and buses were driving past, but no one stopped to help me,” he said. “I had to literally pick myself up.”

He staggered to a corner store and called 9-1-1.

“I wish it didn’t happen like that.  I wish I would have gotten home sooner,” he says.

Chicago police say they are investigating the attack.

Brad Edwards