CHICAGO (CBS) — Murder charges have been filed against one of several suspects in the death of a woman allegedly chased on to Lake Shore drive during an attempted robbery.

Semaj Waters, 18, faces a variety of charges including murder for the incident last weekend involving 32-year-old Pamela Johnson.

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Waters is one of several people who had been questioned by Chicago police about Johnson’s death. He was charged with attempted armed robbery, mob action, and felony murder.

Sources told CBS 2 that investigators are talking to at least seven other suspects in the case, including four juveniles. Charges against some of them are likely.

Johnson’s boyfriend has said the two were chased by a group of teens who tried to rob them at gunpoint, forcing the couple to run across Lake Shore Drive near Ohio Street.

Johnson was struck and killed by a passing truck.

(Photo supplied to CBS)

Pamela Johnson (Photo supplied to CBS)

Police later released images of the group who tried to rob Johnson and her boyfriend.

Community activist Andrew Holmes, an in-law to Johnson’s family, praised Waters’ mother for turning her son in to police.

“I respect that these families that took theirs in, because they are really our heroes, and they sent a strong message; if you love your child, and you see that footage out there, then you take them in there,” he said.

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If you’re looking for condemnation of the suspect, and an appetite for revenge, you won’t find it among the Johnsons. Her mother, aunt, and grandmother, as well as Holmes all said Waters deserves his day in court. They said they just want justice done in the end.

Meantime, Waters’ father and friends said police have the wrong people in custody.

“There is no evidence that says they’ve committed a crime,” community activist Jedidiah Brown said. “They sat there with her until the ambulance came. That is not the activity, the nature, or the conduct of a criminal.”

But sources said that’s not true, and the video shows the teens walking away after Johnson was hit.

Additional video shows the group jumping on the CTA; and sources said video not released by police shows Waters pulling a gun out of a backpack, and that’s what led to the charges against him.

“We can’t say every kid is good, but we know that our child is not one that’s capable of murder, or sticking anyone up, because he had no reason to,” said Waters’ father, Jerry Brown.

“If they would’ve went to the beach with two people, they probably would’ve been the ones getting robbed. They’ve got to go down in packs, because how else you supposed to travel in Chicago?” said Waters’ sister, Latisha.

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Waters was due to appear in bond court on Saturday, and prosecutors could reveal more details of the case then.