Ever wonder what it’s like to ride a Chicago L train from 1923, or a Chicago bus from the 1960s? Wonder no longer — you can now experience that.

Last week, the Chicago Transit Authority announced the creation of the Heritage Fleet, a program that features historic trains and buses and celebrates more than 100 years of CTA history.

“The CTA has a very rich history, one that has contributed to the growth of Chicago as one of the world’s most vibrant cities,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter in a press release. “The Heritage Fleet will allow the CTA and its customers to celebrate and appreciate that history in a real, tangible way.”

Besides giving the public a glimpse of the past, the program also helps to ensure vintage buses and trains are maintained and stored properly.

How can the public see the historic vehicles?

They’ll be displayed through occasional events, and are also available for private charter — one of the ways the program’s funded (don’t worry, the program isn’t paid for with your taxes). Yes, you can rent a CTA train for funsies, provided it’s not during rush hour.

The fleet currently includes rail cars from 1923, buses from the 1960s and an eight-car train of rail cars from the late ’70s.