CHICAGO (CBS) — Gov. Rauner is getting more heat for calling some Chicago Public Schools “crumbling prisons.”

He told reporters that he visited some of them, but on Wednesday, when pressed, he couldn’t name one.

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“Uh, I have worked for decades to try to improve Chicago Public Schools. I care very deeply about the children of Chicago and the teachers of Chicago.”

Rauner was asked for the names of schools he visited, and he replied: “What we need to do is fundamentally change our system. It’s broken.”

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The governor offered no apologies, instead saying that he and his wife, Diana, are the schools’ biggest champions.

“My wife and I have invested time and resources there to a degree that I don’t know who else has done as much as we have. and we’re proud of it. I care very deeply about chicago public schools.”

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Also Wednesday, Senate President John Cullerton, a Democrat, pleaded with the governor to reach a deal to fund schools through the end of the year.