(CBS) – Dozens showed up to the Chicago Police Board meeting Thursday night to demand the firing of two officers in connection with their 2013 confrontation with a pastor.

Rev. Catherine Brown and others want two officers off the payroll.

A squad car rammed the vehicle Brown was driving while her two children were inside her car. Police were trying to speed along a drive; Brown was on her way home.

She found herself in a conflict with officers Jose Lopez and  Morse Murphy. Murphy pepper-sprayed Brown and eventually drew her gun on the mother.

Brown was removed from her car and said she was beaten and treated like an animal.

Murphy has had her own problems. She received a 30-day suspension for a false robbery call. In 10 years, she’s had at least 19 complaints — one linked to a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the city that was settled.

The Chicago Police Department says they’re not able to investigate Brown’s case. They say she hasn’t completed a formal complaint.

Brown disagrees.