CHICAGO (CBS) — The Cook County Sheriff’s Office has released several videos showing inmates attacking guards at Cook County Jail.

Chief of Policy Cara Smith said the videos show “punches and attacks on our staff; and the courageous and heroic efforts that the staff then have to undertake to protect themselves, the other detainees, and other staff.”

The release of the four videos comes a couple months after the sheriff’s office shared videos of correctional officers using excessive force on inmates, resulting in firings or other disciplinary action for 12 officers.

The new videos come from incidents dating back to May.

Smith said the sheriff’s office released the videos after Cook County prosecutors approved charges in four cases.

In one video, 40-year-old Frederick Warren is seen hitting an officer in the face, and knocking off her uniform hat on May 6 after she opened his cell door while the two had a verbal altercation.

In another video, 24-year-old Edward Richmond can be seen pushing a correctional officer after forcing his way out of his cell on May 7. After Richmond ran into the dayroom outside his cell, the officer radioed for backup, and several other correctional officers helped detain and handcuff Richmond.

The third video shows 24-year-old Gianti Arguenta punching an officer in the mouth on May 23, knocking him to the ground. Other guards then forced Arguenta to the ground while others attended to their injured colleague.

The fourth video shows 26-year-old Roy White punching an officer several times in the head and face on May 25. The officer also is seen throwing punches after he is attacked, and the two continued struggling until other officers helped handcuff White.

All four inmates in the videos have been charged with aggravated battery. White also was charged with resisting a peace officer.

The sheriff’s office said the release of the videos is part of its commitment to transparency.