By Ben Larson and Wendy Widom

CHICAGO (CBS) — A photo of a cherry red BMW sitting forlornly on a towing bed caused a stir on Reddit this week, likely because of its unique license plate, “CTA No Mo.”

The question on Reddit accompanying the photo had an ironic ring: “You think they had to take the CTA this morning?”

CBS 2 reached out to the owner of the BMW, Frank Billman, to learn more about how his car wound up on a tow truck.

Billman said his car wasn’t being towed because it was parked illegally or because it had stopped running. Rather, it needed a new battery and alternator.

Reluctant to risk damaging the car by driving it, Billman called for a tow instead.

“She rides great, I just didn’t want to risk further damage,” Billman said.

Contrary to the cheekiness of the license plate, Billman, who works for Perillo BMW, says he grew up riding the bus. He received the car as a gift from a client.

“I do have a Ventra card, but no I didn’t take the bus that day.”

Billman says he has had the license plate for years.

“I still use [the car] on occasion to go to Bears games,” Billman said.