By Ed Curran

(CBS) — Happy Independence Day weekend.

It’s a great time to test drive a new car, and CBS 2’s Ed Curran is looking at an index that shows which cars are the “most American.”

It’s based on domestic parts, sales and the fact that they’re built in the U.S.A.

In “Made in America,” Toby Keith sings about foreign cars, “filled with fuel that isn’t ours, and wearing cotton we didn’t grow.”

But just what is an American car? The Dodge Hellcat is an outstanding car. But the model is built in Canada, and Dodge is owned by Italy’s Fiat. is out with its latest American Made Index. To qualify, cars must have 75 percent domestic parts, they have to be built in American, and their popularity is figured in because sales help the U.S. economy.

Only eight models qualified.

Number 8 on the list is the Buick Enclave from GM.

Number 7 is the GMC Acadia, with an all-new model for 2017.

Number 6 is the Chevrolet Traverse.

Number 5 is the Honda Pilot.

Number 4 is Honday’s Odyssey; it is built in Alabama.

Number 3 is the Indiana-built Toyota Sienna.

Number 2 is the Honda Accord, built in Ohio.

And the No. 1 car made in America – with 80 percent domestic parts and huge sales — is the Toyota Camry, built in Lafayette, Ind. and Georgetown, Ky.

You’ve heard about the global economy. Get used to it.

The South Korean Hyundai Sonata is built in Alabama, while Chevrolet builds its Trax in South Korea. The new Buick Envision comes from China, just like your iPhone.

To further confuse you, Toby Keith’s guitar is not a U.S.-made Martin, Taylor or Gibson. It’s a Japanese-made Takamine.