CHICAGO (CBS) — Will the ambush of Dallas police officers affect activism here in Chicago?

The gunman, an ex-Army veteran, fatally shot five officers, and wounded seven others, along with two civilians, during a peaceful protest centering on two police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Rev. Jesse Jackson said, “While we mourn the loss of police officers in Dallas, we want to make it clear that the plot to kill police does not identify with our struggle for justice whatsoever.

Jackson went on to emphasize the significance of non-violent protests.

“We intend to show our actions in mass, not shooting people. We reject that idea.”

Activists here want to make sure their message doesn’t get lost.

The president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Pastor Gregg Greer said, “If a protester fights police, it’s really something that will stop us from achieving our goals.”