(CBS) — A man shot by Chicago police in 2015 — a shooting that was ruled unjustified by an Independent Police Review Authority report — says he wants justice.

Speaking for the first time since the report was released, Antwon Golatte says the February 2015 incident, in which he was shot by officers multiple times, still haunts him.

“Life has changed, body has changed, emotionally it’s just been one horrible idea after another, a painful experience and I’ll never be the same again,” Golatte said in a Monday news conference.

Golatte was pulled over by gang-enforcement officers, who said that Golatte tried to run them over while fleeing the scene, forcing them to open fire. A review found that four officers involved, who have a combined 39 prior complaints against them, were not in Golatte’s path when they fired at him.

Golatte, who still faces several charges stemming from the incident, says he simply wants justice.

“I want them off the force,” he says.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart, who has also represented the family of Baton Rouge man Alton Sterling, says the report speaks for itself.

“This man was, now we can fully say it with confidence, unjustifiably pulled over, his rights were violated,” he says.