(CBS) Before ace left-hander Chris Sale’s jersey-cutting tirade Saturday, the White Sox were recently at the center of another, smaller squabble.

During a three-game series last week in Seattle, the White Sox protested the Mariners’ policy surrounding clubhouse dues, refusing to pay them because they were upset at how the money was to be allocated, Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported. In Seattle, 60 percent of the clubhouse dues go into an account managed by the team, with 40 percent going directly to tips, Rosenthal reported. White Sox players balked at that policy, as they prefer the traditional manner of paying dues and tipping the clubhouse manager and attendants directly.

The Mariners put that 60 percent toward food and the salaries of clubhouse assistants, a team official told Fox Sports, indicating the money still gets to the “clubbies,” just in a different manner. At issue here is that White Sox being upset at higher-ranking officials controlling what’s regarded as an internal locker-room transaction.