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CHICAGO (CBS) — White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton knows the Mariners’ visiting clubhouse attendant by name: Jeff Bopp.

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At each stop, players connect with the “clubbies,” who run errands and provide amenities and comfort. In return, the players pay dues and regularly dole out tips. That wasn’t the case last week in Seattle, though, as Chicago players left without providing payment to Bopp. They did so as a show of protest toward the Mariners’ policy, which designates 60 percent of the money to a team account. The Mariners are the only organization in baseball to enact such a mandate.

The Mariners put that 60 percent toward food and the salaries of clubhouse assistants, a team official told Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, indicating the money still gets to the “clubbies,” just in a different manner.

Eaton and his teammates have a respect for the traditional system. And Eaton has an envelope full of White Sox checks that he will send to Bopp.

“The policy that’s in place for 29 other teams, they don’t have a problem,” said Eaton, his team’s player representative. “When we pay a clubbie and the funds are going elsewhere, we’re skeptical. It’s our choice not to pay. There’s no written rule. Power to the players. We hope that their outlook changes.

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“The clubbies take care of us, and we take care of the clubbies.”

Eaton believes that the policy will change within the collective bargaining agreement.

The White Sox had learned of the Mariners’ new rule from players of other teams, not from Bopp. They decided it would be best to protest this rule in order to take care of Bopp and his staff. Typically, the head clubhouse manager dispatches portions of the tips to his whole staff.

Recently, the Giants mandated a similar rule that took money from the clubhouse manager. Once there were disputes, the legislation was reversed soon after.

“We’re just hoping and waiting for a policy change,” Eaton said. “If there’s no change, he may receive a check in the offseason from an anonymous source — maybe a bundle full of cash or something like that. Jeff Bopp will get paid in some way, shape or form.”

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