CHICAGO (CBS) – CBS 2 has learned that video of the deadly police shooting of Paul O’Neal will be released on Friday.

On Wednesday, video from earlier that night, showing O’Neal with other suspected car thieves at a gas station in Bolingbrook,was made public.

It is one of the last images of O’Neal before he died.

The video captured three of the four cars allegedly stolen by O’Neal and others. It does not show a 2002 Jaguar convertible, the car O’Neal ran from when he was shot by police.

O’Neal was driving that car, near 74th and Merrill, when he sideswiped a squad car during a chase.

Officers shot into the car and eventually shot O’Neal in the back as he ran away.

O’Neal’s attorney, Michael Oppenheimer, said Wednesday night that he hasn’t seen the Bolingbrook video.

He admits O’Neal was not perfect but stressed that the incident should have been handled by the justice system and not by police gunfire.