Primping productive employees with enhanced training is seen as an investment, a good investment with a high rate of return. However, the modern age sees an excessive amount of attention given to profits, dividend distribution and corporate stock valuation, which in turn, leads to cut backs that normally go to human resource development, including massive layoffs to enhance the bottom line, reduced training budgets, using contract agencies rather than hiring direct, renting less office space and cramped cubicle areas, etc. Nevertheless, even though budgets are tight, here are a few good ways to pump up those high achievers in the company by enhancing training:

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  • In-house seminar – Companies always have experienced employees on hand, the guys who check everything to make sure it is right before it goes out the door. An effective way to train good employees is to hold an in-house seminar where the expert goes through a short presentation explaining the finer points of the company’s product. A mid-morning seminar tends to be best, say from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  • Lunch and learn – If your company uses a third party vendor and you put together a package for a client, vendors are more than happy to do an in-house presentation for your employees. An example is an engineering firm that offers design consultation. In such cases, vendors representing pumps, software, compressors, instruments, motors, control systems, etc. jump at the chance to enlighten you employees about their product, and may even pay for lunch with catered sandwiches.
  • Conferences and seminars – One of the best tools for professional development is attending a conference or a seminar at a venue other than the office. Hearing presentations from other professionals in the business is extremely rewarding. Furthermore, most of these events have networking lunches and evening networking mixers where employees talk to others in the business about industry techniques, sales leads and supplier references.

In this present age, where enhanced dividends and high stock prices seem to dominate the entire business world, investment in the future is critical. Nothing can be more important than investing in employees. Thank goodness that most companies still see free coffee as a good investment.

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This article was written by Richard Carranza of for CBS Small Business Pulse.