CHICAGO (CBS) — Outside the Starbuck’s at Roscoe and Seeley Streets, where Dave Urban sold Streetwise for years, is now a plaque that reads, “In honor of his caring spirit and smile.”

Neighbor Emily O’Brien tells WBBM’s Nancy Harty she helped make that happen.

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She says Dave was always neat and orderly, and cared how he presented Streetwise to its readers.

“If it was raining, your Streetwise came in a plastic bag and it was dry. And he took real pride in his work and what he was here to do,” O’Brien said at a memorial held in Urban’s honor Sunday.
Memorial Dave Urban2


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Urban’s brother Mike came in from Connecticut for the memorial, which was complete with music and a release of white balloons into the sky.

“It’s just been so heartwarming and so great for my sisters and me just to know that Dave was in loving hands and in a kind, supportive community, where he was giving back at the same time for the final years of his life,” Mike said. “For my sisters and me to out of the tragedy of his death, to hear all these wonderful stories about how he lead a good life where he was helping people out and tons of people were supporting him, makes it all bearable.”

Mike says Dave was a successful Jazz trumpet player who lost contact with the family years ago while he was drinking.

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Dave died suddenly in March.