Sponsored By Zespri Kiwifruit

Michael Rapaport is something of a kiwi connoisseur.

The actor, director and I Am Rapaport podcast host enjoys the fruit in every conceivable form.

“I like kiwis not just as food,” says Rapaport. “I like them in salads, I like them in smoothies, and I like them straight up.”

But enjoying kiwis in abundance does not mean enjoying them indiscriminately. Despite his love for the fruit, Rapaport says one kiwi stands out above the rest.

“Zespri Kiwi are by far the freshest,” Rapaport says. “They wait to pick them until they’re actually mature on the vine, and that’s the thing that separates them from the rest of the kiwi market.”

Rapaport explains that what makes Zespri Kiwifruit “the best kiwi out there” is the high amount of “nutrition – so much vitamin[s] – in just one fruit.”

Rapaport also expresses admiration for Zespri’s improved taste and labor standards in the farming of its kiwi. “I think it’s great,” he says. “The farmers are gonna work harder, and I think at the end of the day, it shows in the product. Across the board, it’s just something to be proud of that Zespri is treating the farmers that way.”

Rapaport loves Zespri so much that he enjoys them regularly in the I Am Rapaport studios. “While we’re podcasting, particularly this time of year, during the middle of an episode, we’ll absolutely eat a Zespri Kiwi.”

It’s Zespri’s high standards that keep Rapaport coming back for more. “The reality is that Zespri growers meet certain taste standards before selling to consumers,” he explains. “And at the end of the day, I’m just a consumer, and you can taste the difference in Zespri.”

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