CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’ve spotted skunks in Chicago, you might want to get used to them, even if you do want to keep your distance. It seems they’re getting used to the urban lifestyle.

The Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute has found more of the stinky black-and-white critters waddling their way into the city from the suburbs, even to the zoo itself.

“They’re taking advantage of all the things that cities offer, just like we do,” said Lincoln Park Zoo urban wildlife ecologist Liza Lehrer.

That means they like the places where they can burrow, and the easy access to food they can find.

The Urban Wildlife Institute has set up hidden cameras all over the Chicago area to monitor wildlife, and has noticed more skunks close to downtown.

“Initially, we were really just seeing them in the suburbs – western suburbs and northern suburbs mainly – but we started to see them pop up more and more on cameras closer into the city,” Lehrer said. “Skunks and lots of urban wildlife are getting kind of adapted to living around humans.”

The animals don’t pose any real danger, unless you or your pet frighten them and get sprayed.

Lehrer said dog owners should keep their pets on a leash. If they or their pet do get skunked, there’s a relatively simple remedy.

“It’s a combination of dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. So you’re not using that old remedy of tomato juice, which I think has been shown to be pretty ineffective,” she said.

She also said there’s a benefit to skunks and other wildlife becoming more urban.

“You can be more aware, and actually get to see some of these animals right outside your front door,” she said. “I live in the city, and I often see deer, occasionally see coyotes, possums at night, raccoons; and I think that’s a really great opportunity to be able to observe wildlife easily.”