CHICAGO (CBS) – The first day of school can be intimidating for any child, but especially for children with special needs.

Two moms from Oak Lawn have teamed up to make that transition a little easier by creating a book series, “Someone Special Books.”

Heather McCarthy and Kate Ryan are two teachers and two moms who never thought of being small business owners.

The idea came about when McCarthy’s daughter was born with a rare metabolic condition, called Propionic Acidemia, and she was getting ready to start school.

“When she was getting ready to go to school, I was very nervous and very anxious about how to explain her condition,” McCarthy said. “To not only the teacher, but a room full of little kids. So I made her an ‘all-about-me’ book. It talked about her hobbies and interests, but also her condition.”

Parents are very happy that they are able to send their children off to school with a book that not only introduces their hobbies and their interests, but information about their special ability, McCarthy said.

“Teachers as well appreciate being able to know the right words to say,” Ryan said.

The books include talking points in the back, McCarthy said. “To really open up that line of communication between the parent and their child or the teacher and the classroom, because kids are just curious. It’s things like you can’t catch a condition from somebody else.”

Not only does the series offer personalized books, but they also offer books that teach the message of kindness. Their goal is to raise awareness for children with special needs.

McCarthy and Ryan encourage parents to visit their website and personalize a special book for their child.

The ‘Someone Special Book” series hopes to expand creating books for other conditions and even cancer.