CHICAGO (CBS) — As hip hop artist Che “Rhymefest’ Smith put his experience of being robbed at gunpoint to music, police and the mayor are acknowledging the musician wasn’t treated properly when he went to report the crime.

Rhymefest wasted no time writing a song about his experience:

I’m the suspect; I’m the victim.

But the words aren’t as much about the robber, as they are about police.

Cops ‘n robbers; cops ‘n robbers
Can’t tell who’s who.

The Grammy- and Oscar-winning hip hop artist tweeted he was treated “disgustingly” by police on Saturday in his own Bronzeville neighborhood.

He shared a video about it on Twitter.

“The issue should be that he was held at gunpoint,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The mayor says Smith deserved better, and the officers will be held accountable.

Rhymefest says one officer ignored him, and the other treated him like the criminal.

“She said, ‘Put both of your hands on the desk so I can feel secure,’” he said.

“She’s stuffing her face with cookies, playing Candy Crush,” he added. “[She was] patronizing me. I had a gun put my head, all I want is [to file a police] report.”

He says he got even worse treatment from a superior.

According to Smith, that officer said, “If you want to have an attitude with my officers, no report for you today, get the F out.”

He said he started recording, fearing for his own safety.

Che says he often gets the celebrity treatment.

What’s upsetting to him in this case is knowing how ordinary citizens are sometimes treated by police.

“This is not even a situation so much of race as it is community standards and professional behavior,” he said.