CHICAGO (CBS) — Archbishop Blase Cupich celebrated the first all-school mass on Monday at Pope Francis Global Academy, a new school created by consolidating four Northwest Side schools.

Cupich told students he knows they came from different schools to form the new one, and he said they can make the new school grow.

“Let’s make sure that other people who come here know that this is a wonderful place where learning takes place, where everybody feels respected, where nobody is ever bullied,” he said.

He also told students they need to make sure they make sure their school is one where everyone is respected.

“I would just ask you to make sure that you look for a way in which you make sure that everybody belongs; that everybody feels as though they’re a part of your community,” he said.

Pope Francis Global Academy was formed by combining Our Lady of Victory, St. Cornelius, St. Pascal, and St. Tarcissus schools. Those four and two other schools – St. Constance and St. Thecla – were asked to come up with a merger plan last year, due to struggling enrollment. St. Constance and St. Thecla opted to continue operating as single parish schools, while the other four agreed to consolidate.

“We have two campuses and we have a very healthy enrollment,” said Terrence O’Rourke, the head of Pope Francis Global Academy.

Cupich said the new school has about 500 students. He said school and church consolidations are necessary in maximizing the archdiocese’ resources.

“This is also a real good lesson for young people. This is how adults work. We should work together in order to make sure that we pass on something for the next generation,” he said.

Catholic schools have been facing enrollment issues for years, and likely will look at more consolidations in the future.

“We want to make sure that whatever we have going forward, we have faith communities that are vibrant and vital, and also sustainable for the long-term,” Cupich said.

O’Rourke said the school has a “global studies curriculum.”

“We look at everything through the lens of what’s happening in the world, and a lot of it is also based on the teachings of Pope Francis himself,” he said.

The school has two campuses: one at the old St. Tarcissus school building, at 6040 W. Ardmore Av.; and one at the old St Pascal school building, at 6143 W. Irving Park Rd.