(CBS) More details surrounding the Derrick Rose gang rape case that’s set to go to civil court in early October emerged Wednesday, with the accuser speaking out to multiple media outlets.

At issue in the rape case is whether there was consent in the sexual encounter, and along those lines, an important detail has emerged. One of the accuser’s lawyers said that Rose was asked to define “consent” during his deposition and couldn’t do so, thinkprogress.org reported.

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This news came to light during an exchange between lawyers Brandon Anand and Redmond Brown while on a call with thinkprogress.com.

Brown: I’m actually interested in what they think consent is. I’d love to ask them, what is consent? I don’t think they could answer that.

Anand: I can say actually that Derrick definitely could not, because we asked him that question in his deposition, and his response was, ‘No, can you tell me?’

Brown: It’s why Derrick could honestly, if you made him pass a lie detector test, he could pass it. Because he doesn’t see what he did as wrong. That is simply how his culture functions.

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The accuser, known as Jane Doe, is seeking $21.5 million in damages. She alleges Rose and two other men gang-raped her at her home in the early morning hours of Aug. 27, 2013, forcing their way in after she drank so much she vomited and later blacked out. Rose and the defense claim she let them inside her apartment and willingly had sex.

Rose’s case is set to go to trial Oct. 4. A settlement could still be reached before then. He’s not facing jail time, because the case is civil, not criminal.

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Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.