CHICAGO (CBS) – There is buzz that elderly people should wait to get the flu shot, but is it necessarily true?

Some may say that you should wait to get a flu shot, if you are over the age of 65, until it is farther into the flu season. This is because some health officials will argue that the flu shot’s effectiveness goes down significantly in older adults as the time goes on; meaning, according to some, it could be ineffective toward the end of flu season.

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The Centers of Disease Control still recommends people of all ages to get one as soon as possible.

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey spoke with a doctor who said, it is better to be safe than sorry.

“Get the flu shot as soon as possible,” said Dr. Rachel O’Mara. “Immunity will start in about three weeks and should last through the flu season, which can be as late as April, but generally comes in December or January.”

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The concept of putting off the flu shot came up about three years ago, said Dr. O’Mara. And many people got sick that flu season.

“During that time period, the flu hit early and a lot of people got the flu that year,” Dr. O’Mara said. “So generally, we recommend doing the flu shot as early as possible.”

For people over the age of 65, it is recommended that they receive a high-dose flu vaccine, a vaccine that is four times stronger, Dr. O’Mara said. It is recommended to get that vaccine now, as October approaches.

The Centers of Disease Control recommends getting the flu shot as early as possible, regardless of age.

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The CDC also put out a reminder recommending that kids get the flu shot, not the flu mist, as it has been ruled ineffective.