By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — Legal action has been taken against a former Chicago Public Schools teacher who was charged with putting a camera in a school bathroom.

Attorneys filed an emergency petition demanding all evidence in the case be preserved.

And now, more red flags about suspect Elliot Nott’s background emerge.

One parent claims he assaulted her 8-year-old daughter years ago, but nothing was done, CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov finds in this Original Report.

“It was shocking, but then again, not so shocking that it was him,” the mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, tells CBS 2, in response to Nott’s arrest on child pornography charges.

Five years ago, she brought her own concerns about Nott’s classroom conduct towards her daughter to the school, Chicago Police and the Department of Children and Family Services.

“Her teacher not only yelled at her, but he had placed his hand on her shoulder in a forceful manner that he struck her, to some degree,” she said.

She still has paperwork on the case, but says Ogden’s solution, back in 2011, was to remove her daughter from Nott’s class.

She says CPS, “…most definitely swept the situation under the rug.”

Nott went on to teach until his arrest earlier this month for putting a camera in a bathroom near his classroom–one used by staff and a special education student.

That, compounded by recent revelations of a criminal background that includes a 1993 Peeping Tom conviction, prompted Attorney Matthew Jenkins of Corboy & Demetrio to file a petition to preserve all evidence in Nott’s case.

“Anytime there’s notice that a teacher at a school had inappropriate conduct with a teacher or student or anyone, that would be very relevant to whether or not they should continue teaching,” he said.

Jenkins filed the petition on behalf of Jane Doe, one of the teachers allegedly videotaped by the suspect.

A CPS spokesman says he’ll look into the 2011 incident, reiterating officials are conducting a full review of Nott’s hiring in 2009, to make sure proper hiring protocols were followed.