By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly should know that his stated intent to act out more on the sideline has raised eyebrows among those above him who would prefer that he carry himself more maturely.

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Notre Dame sources have told 670 The Score that some university officials have long been embarrassed by Kelly’s purple-faced ranting at his players, assistants and officials, considering it unbecoming of the position and creating bad optics for the program and the school. Now they’re newly concerned about his judgment regarding such behavior.

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This is coupled with myriad issues of players’ legal transgressions and renewed attention to the vetting of borderline recruits who bring what some there feel are unnecessary risks. And all of it is in sharp focus due to losing.

Kelly must truly believe that his angry raving during games makes his team more likely to win and that such a desperate flouting of the wishes of his bosses’ bosses is now, somehow, a good bet.

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