CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago may say goodbye to the ‘Honorary Trump Plaza’ street sign if Chicago aldermen have any say on the issue.

The aldermen introduced an ordinance Wednesday to strip down the honorary street sign, which sits outside the Trump Tower on Wabash Avenue. They cited the presidential candidate’s “hateful and racist campaign against immigrants and minorities.”

Ald. Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward and 46 other aldermen called for the removal of the brown sign honoring “Trump Plaza.”

“It was actually Donald Trump who decided to make Chicago a part of his campaign,” Reilly said. “Had he not, we probably wouldn’t be talking about this right now.”

The brown, ‘Honorary Trump Plaza’ sign was placed there in 2006 during construction of the 92-story Trump Tower high-rise.

Chicagoans feelings for Trump have changed, since Trump speaks negatively of Chicago at nearly every campaign stop.

City alderman believe the sign must come down.

“We reserve these honorary street signs for special Chicagoans who help lift up this city and move us forward, and really most of what he’s doing is disparaging us, our reputation,” said Reilly. “And frankly negatively impacting our tourism economy and other critical investments in this city.”

Even Mayor Emanuel joined in on the conversation, jokingly stating the sign can go back up when Trump releases his taxes.

“We’ll put the sign back up when he releases his taxes,” Emanuel said.

“I think he’s wrong for America,” Emanuel said, adding that everyone knows which candidate he favors, Hillary Clinton. “Don’t just take the sign down. Let’s make sure we motivate and get out the vote.”

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