By Lauren Victory

(CBS) — An 8-year-old in the Southwestern suburbs hasn’t gone to school in nearly a week. Her mom is terrified of bullies that said landed her daughter in the hospital, CBS 2’s Lauren Victory finds in this Original Report.

“My daughter is not a punching bag for these kids,” the mom, Natalie Lawrence says.

She’s fielded calls from Hometown Elementary before: “They’ll say, ‘Oh your daughter fell or your daughter tripped. Oh she bumped her head a little.'”

She says her 8-year-old daughter Jasha is chronically picked on at recess. But a bout of bullying on Friday, Oct. 7 was different.

“The boy or whatever hit me, kneed me and pushed me down the slide and my friend,” Jasha says.

Natalie whisked her 3rd grader to the hospital.

“The doctor said she had a head laceration, possibly a mild concussion,” Natalie said.

A bullying incident last year also prompted an emergency room visit.

The Lawrences say Hometown administrators aren’t doing anything, though the superintendent tells CBS 2 he’s aware of an “incident” on the playground and it’s under investigation.

School reps also scheduled a meeting with the Lawrences and police for Thursday.

But little Jasha sees a simpler solution.

“Just stop,” she says. Her mom, Natalie, adds, “Tell them how it makes people feel.” Jasha says, “Sad and lonely.”

Hometown Police also tell CBS 2 they are looking into an “incident” on school grounds, but couldn’t elaborate because it involves minors.

The meeting tomorrow is said to be protocol.

The Lawrences are considering legal action, depending on how the Thursday meeting goes.


Lauren Victory