CHICAGO (CBS) – A small plane crashed Tuesday in Hartford, Conn., killing a student pilot and injuring the instructor.

Police believe the crash was intentional, CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

The student pilot, 28-year-old Feras Freitekh, who lived in southwest suburban Orland Hills, died in the crash, according to published reports.

The crash appears to be suicide. Sources said the student pilot and instructor were fighting in the cockpit moments before the plane went down.

CBS News said Freitekh, was a Jordanian national who first entered the US in 2012 on an M1 Visa as a student to study flying. At some point his status changed to an F1 Visa. He went to a language school in Toledo OH. His status then went back, to an M1 Visa.

Freitekh’s FAA license shows he is certified as a private pilot who can fly single engine planes. There are two sets of controllers in the type of plane that went down.

East Hartford police say either of the two occupants, had the ability to control the plane, at any time.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FBI declared Wednesday that the crash was intentional.

“Information indicates this crash was intentional,” said Lt. Josh Litwin, East Hartford Police Department.

The NTSB and the FBI are now involved in a joint investigation of the crash of this Piper PA-34 Seneca. The still unnamed pilot, who survived, told authorities the crash, was not an accident.

“What the circumstances were that led to it being intentional,” Lt. Litwin said. “All windows are open at this point. There’s no clear motive.”

Investigator said Freitekh was frustrated because his family was forcing him to become a pilot.