(CBS) – The honorary street sign for Donald Trump has mysteriously disappeared.

Somebody seems to have swiped the brown marker that said “Honorary Tump Plaza” that was erected near the site of the mogul’s Trump Tower at Wabash and the Chicago River.

The street sign was the subject of discussion recently by Chicago aldermen who don’t appreciate Trump’s unflattering remarks about the city. Trump is the Republican nominee for U.S. president and has hammered Chicago as an example of lawlessness.

Mayor Emanuel, a Democrat with ties to his party nominee Hillary Clinton, likewise has been offended, but he has an alibi: He was observing the Yom Kippur holiday the past couple of days.

“Let me say this: I was in synagogue paying for last year’s sins,” Emanuel said Thursday. “I didn’t start the new year with a whole new sin.”

Chicago has dozens of honorary street names across the city. They are designated with distinctive brown signs. Actual street names are rarely changed.

A spokesperson for the Chicago Department of Transportation had this to say: “We can confirm the sign is missing but we don’t know who took it. We do not condone the theft of city signs, even if the subject of the honorary sign is not honorable.”

A similar honorary Trump street sign was still in place.

The news about the Trump sign came as the Democratic National Committee sent some of Chicago-area volunteers and candidates to Wisconsin and Iowa to try to sway minds there.

They denounced Trump’s comments on women and said Trump’s actions then and now make getting out the vote all the more important.

“The working men and women of the United States of America understand how high the stakes are – for our economy, for voting rights, for human rights. Everything is on the table,” U.S. Rep  Jan Schakowsky said.