By Charlie De Mar

(CBS) – In just a couple of weeks, many will welcome trick-or-treaters.

You may already have your decorations up or are thinking about it. The safety of those little visitors is your responsibility, CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports.

“Halloween is a fun time, so the last thing I want to be is the fun police,” says Patrick Salvi Jr., an attorney with Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard.

But he says if a home owner is aware of a hazard on his property and someone gets hurt, the owner may be liable.

“It just takes a few moments of precaution beforehand,” he says.

In suburban Justice, Brian Bernardoni agrees it’s important to be safe when it comes to Halloween decorations. Once again, he has decked out his property in elaborate Halloween fashion; this year, there are creepy clowns, a graveyard and an electric chair, among several features.

Tips to decorators include:

-Be mindful of potential slip and falls

-Keep a close on one pets

-Use lights instead of open flames.

Charlie De Mar