JMJ Phillip Executive Search Firm specializes in the manufacturing, supply chain and technology sectors. They are a full-service search firm that does local and national searches for professionals and executives. Over the past 24 months, JMJ Phillip Executive Search Firm has worked on a lot of succession planning and discreet search projects because the generation of baby boomers is starting to retire, which is creating a lot of open space in the executive suite.

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James Phillip, managing director, is developing and honing the company’s strategy to ensure the company continues on their growth trajectory, which has been at a pretty steep incline for several years. Phillip’s background in technology, dating back to his teenage years and experience working with manufacturing companies early on has really given the company an edge in the market. JMJ Phillip Executive Search Firm is one of the few search firms that still focuses on manufacturing, but they also have the technical know-how to keep up with the changing times, so it’s a rare mix.

Phillip’s shares the challenge of creating a positive company culture, and the way in which JMJ Phillip Executive Search Firm has succeeded in finding and keeping employees who enjoy their job and the company.



What has been the biggest challenge you have had in your business?

We found out that when you become a quickly growing company, you must create a great culture while finding the top talent you need to build it, all while moving at a rapid pace; it really becomes a puzzle. One bad hire can really set your culture back, so even when growth was high, we still had to make time to focus on culture.


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How have you created a great culture?

It really came down to discipline. When your sales are up 100 percent in three months, and you need people to do the work, sometimes you make a hire you shouldn’t have. We created a multi-step interview process to make sure we found the right people. Our interviews are pretty tough; most will walk out the door with a light sweat because we will test your business acumen, personality and focus on behavioral economics without accepting the easy answers.


Have you experienced a significant change in turnover by creating a multi-step interview process?

Our turnover rate has dropped way down into the single digits. Our offices at all locations are very happy and enjoy the group of people they work with, and no one runs for the door at 5 p.m. on Friday. They really enjoy the company, culture and the people they work with.



This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau of for CBS Small Business Pulse.

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