CHICAGO (CBS) — After serving 26 years in prison for a double murder he claims did not commit, Jose Maysonet will now get a new trial. CBS2 investigator Pam Zekman previously reported on the case that involved alleged police misconduct and legal malpractice.

Maysonet’s new shot at possible freedom came after the Cook County States Attorneys’ office agreed at a hearing Wednesday that Attorney Richard Beuke had a conflict of interest when he represented Maysonet at his 1995 trial.

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“At the same time he represented my client he represented the lead detective against my client. The state’s lead witness,” said Jennifer Bonjean, Maysonet’s current attorney.

She alleges that Detective Reynaldo Guevara and Beuke were friends and that Beuke even represented Guevara in a child support case. As we reported, Maysonet had no idea about Beuke’s relationship with Guevara at the time he handled his case.

So how did Maysonet wind up hiring Bueke?

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“He came out of nowhere,” Maysonet said. “He promised me I could beat this without even seeing the case yet.”

He used a number of methods to frame people,” said Bonjean. “He used manipulation, coercion, threats.”

Maysonet says he falsely confessed after Guevara repeatedly beat him with a phone book and flashlight.

“You know I thought I was going to get killed,” said Maysonet.

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Guevara, who is now retired, and Beuke have not returned calls from CBS 2.