CHICAGO (CBS) – Hundreds of teens who converged Monday night on Hyde Park may have thought they were having a night of Halloween fun, but Chicago Police want parents of the kids involved to pay for their overtime.

“I called the police, because it was a huge group leaning on the door. Someone started throwing eggs,” said Tiffany Page, Hyde Park business owner. “They hit the car. Hit the passenger.”

Tiffany Page was among the scores of business owners who called police when nearly 500 teens converged Saturday night and again on Halloween (Monday) on 53rd street, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

Some of the teens destroyed property and police were forced to drive on the sidewalk to control the crowd.

Students from Kenwood, a school nearby, said the incident was fueled by social media.

“Kids being kids,” said teens from Kenwood. “It was mainly freshman and sophomores, not us.”

They said some students came from Lane Tech, Morgan Park, the Agricultural School, and Lindbloom.

Ten students were arrested, mostly for disorderly conduct. Wentworth District Police Cmdr. Crystal King Smith is looking for more, specifically those who damaged cars and other property.

“We are asking for the cameras in all businesses,” King said. “Anybody who took pictures, forward information to Chicago Public Schools and see if children can be identified.”

Any student identified, King wants their parents to cover to cost of damages and reimburse the police for overtime.

King said getting parents to cover costs is a new initiative by police. The price to parents could easily top $500.

Dorothy Tucker