CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Emanuel shared his thoughts Thursday morning on the Cubs’ World Series win at an unrelated event.

Emanuel apologized for his fuzziness, noting he was only on two hours of sleep after traveling from Cleveland, where he watched Game 7 on Wednesday, to Chicago and attending his children’s parent-teacher conferences.

Talk of the team’s World Series victory out-staged his economic announcement on the South Side. Emanuel was sporting a Cubs World Series championship hat that he grabbed on the field while celebrating with the team in Cleveland.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports.

“I’m actually am still trying to look through the English language to find the exact words to say how incredible it felt to watch what was happening on that field,” Emanuel said.

Game 7 and the whole series was a metaphor for the entire season, Emanuel said.

“Every time you thought, okay, the momentum has shifted, those players dug deeper,” Emanuel said. “Got something inside themselves and came back. And kept defying the odds.”

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As a Cubs fan, he said, never again will we have to say, “Wait ’til next season.”

“It’s over,” Emanuel said. “You never have to say it. As a Chicago Cubs fan, ever again.”

Emanuel thanked fans, who he said celebrated respectfully and responsibly.

The Mayor’s office released Wednesday night a statement after the Cubs victorious World Series win against the Indians:

“From Opening Day in April to a historic November night, the Cubs championship season united the city of Chicago and fans around the world behind this incredible team. The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series is about more than a game, more than a team, and more than a sport. It is about the families who have passed down a love for the Cubs from mothers and fathers to their sons and daughters, and from grandparents to grandchildren. It is about generations who have come together around radios, televisions, and within the friendly confines of Wrigley Field to root for the home team and share triumphs and defeats. Cubs fans have never given up hope that this day was possible, and this young team made it happen. Congratulations to the Ricketts family, Joe Maddon, Theo Epstein, and the players, staff, and fans who together broke the longest drought in professional sports and made history this year. Go Cubs go!”