CHICAGO (CBS) — Some social media relationships were fractured during the contentious presidential campaign, with a lot of “unfriending” and “unfollowing” happening on Facebook.

WBBM’s Bernie Tafoya asked on Facebook whether people had engaged in any weeding out of “friends” during the election season and on the day after the election, and many had.

Lea said she was unfriended and blocked because she voted for Donald Trump. She said her former Facebook friends think her choice of candidate makes her a horrible person.

Lilia wrote on Facebook “my wall…my call” that, if you’re hateful, threatening, or bigoted; you’ll have to find another forum.

John said he unfriended people for making disparaging remarks about Hillary Clinton or President Barack Obama.

Sue said she sent 24 friends “to the ejector seat” as she puts it. She said she has a business to run; and does not have time for hate, silly rhetoric, or foul language.

Mary said she has unfriended people after the election, because they were gloating over Trump’s win.

Rick said he started blocking and unfriending people after the political conventions, because they were making antagonistic and hateful comments.

Laura said she did not do any unfriending, but had someone block her after she called out that person over a racist comment.

Adam said he did the opposite the day after the election. He unblocked some people so he could see what they were saying and could, as he put it, “watch the drama.”

Veronica said she’s done some unfriending and unfollowing on Facebook “for peace of mind.” She said she’s had friends whose posts were “too crazy.” She also unfriended someone for gloating over Trump’s win.

Henry said he unfollowed people during the election season, and in a few weeks he’ll re-follow those friends, hoping by that time they go back to just posting family pictures and cat videos.

Nicole said she’s had no regrets unfriending old acquaintances and unfollowing family members.

Tressa said she finds unfriending empowering.

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