(CBS) Much has been made of outfielder Jason Heyward’s impromptu speech during a rain delay just prior to the start of the 10th inning in the Cubs’ win in Game 7 of the World Series.

But what was the vibe before the game? We’ve heard plenty about first baseman Anthony Rizzo playing several of the “Rocky” movies and parading around to the tunes in a nod to keep fighting before Game 5. And before the decisive Game 7, it was — wait for it — Mario Kart that kept the Cubs loose.

Yes, Mario Kart helped keep the team loose, as outfielder Dexter Fowler explained in a piece he wrote for The Players’ Tribune:

An hour or so before the first pitch — in what would be the biggest game of all our lives — my teammates and I were back in the clubhouse … all huddled together …

Playing Mario Kart.

First it just started out with a few guys. But before long everyone was in on it. No one wanted to lose, because it was one of those things like, you lose … you’re out. Next guy steps in for you.

And the crazy thing was, it seemed like each guy had the best Mario Kart races of his life that night. Riz, Tommy La Stella, everyone was at their career-best level. It was impressive.

In retrospect, maybe that was a good omen.

I’m not saying that Mario Kart was the key to our trophy or anything. But, you know, a few hours later we were world champs.