MIAMI (CBS) — A rescue crew in Miami-Dade County rescued three puppies trapped at a local cemetery.

Miami-Dade Rescue responded Thursday to a call for help after a person heard a faint sound coming from underneath slab of concrete at a northwest Miami-Dade county cemetery. CBS 4 Miami reports.

Firefighters arrived to find a noise coming from underneath a cement box used to house coffins. After quickly moving the cement slabs and digging around the boxes, firefighers discovered the face of a puppy.

After diffing a small trench around the puppy to set it free, to the crews’ surprise there were two more puppies stuck inside.

One by one, each puppy was safely removed.

All three puppies were in good health and seem to have been taken care of by their mother.

The crew turned the dogs over to a local rescue group for abandoned dogs. They are currently trying to locate the puppies’ mother so that the group can be reunited.

It is unclear how the puppies got into the tight spot at the cemetery.