CHICAGO (CBS) — Chipotle has been advertising a new option to their simplistic menu: a chorizo burrito.

The burrito is a regular burrito that incorporates new meat, a chicken and pork sausage mix, and it’s advertised to be just 300 calories.

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This should’ve been met with inquisitive reactions because, like, Chiptole + 300 calories just isn’t a thing that exists in this world.

Three men in Los Angeles, at separate Chipotle locations, were overcome with excitement and couldn’t wait to devour a healthy alternative from the popular chain, despite it containing literally everything that a regular burrito would include but just a different type of meat.

They each ate it all, and surprise, surprise, they were full after. Not just that their hunger was satiated, no, they were ‘too full.’

So full that they’ve decided to sue Chipotle.

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From a complaint filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, via Laist, one man “felt excessively full and realized that the burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories.”

Chipotle, congruent with most American entities, errs on the side of excess. The affordable fast food chain is an efficient way to get a meal in and ensures you won’t be hungry for many hours on end. Unfortunately, a regular side effect to consuming the delicious food is becoming bogged down and lethargic, not to mention its unhealthy traits.

But that seemed to be a trade off the consumer has been willing to make and that’s just how it’d be. Maybe these three will inspire a change at Chipotle, or just get something out of it for themselves.

They’re seeking unspecified damages as well as ensuring nothing like this happens again, by forcing Chipotle to stop using misleading information in advertisements.

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Not the heroes we deserve, but the heroes we need.